Alex Warren

National Geographic Learning


Alex studied history at university and worked as a journalist for several years. After travelling the world he returned to the UK to complete his CELTA qualification in Bournemouth. For the last six years Alex has been working as an Academic Director and teacher trainer at a successful private language school. The move into teacher training on a permanent basis was only a matter of time and Alex is now enjoying developing teachers on an international scale.


Developing 21st Century Teenagers

What is a 21st century teenager? Ask that question and you’ll get a myriad different answers.  What we do know however is that the world has changed dramatically since the dawn of the 21st century and as such what a 21st century teenager needs to be has also changed. This session looks at the skills and knowledge that teenagers need to succeed in school, succeed in life and succeed in a global community and how we can help develop them to achieve the success.