Barbara Szybowska

Cambridge English Language Assessment


Barbara Szybowska –a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow; an experienced teacher, Cambridge English examiner and presenter. She teaches nearly all age groups, levels and course types as she loves new challenges and is always eager to share her experience. Her professional focus is on motivating learners, especially the young ones and raising their interest in the language. She loves travelling, climbing and telling jokes about blondes.


Practical ways of motivating Young Learners

A sense of achievement, motivation and fun are key elements in teaching children. How to incorporate them successfully in our everyday teaching? In this activity-based workshop I am going to present a bunch of ready-to-use, practical, interactive tasks which guarantee that your students will enjoy the lesson from the moment they enter the classroom to the minute they leave. I will also show you howto encourage young learners to communicate, monitor their progress and establish a system for rewarding their efforts.