Michael Swan

Oxford University Press


Michael Swan is a writer specialising in English Language Teaching and reference materials. His many publications include Practical English Usage (OUP), the Cambridge English Course series (with Catherine Walter), and, also with Catherine Walter, the Oxford English Grammar Course. He has had extensive teaching experience with adult learners, and has worked with teachers in many countries. His academic interests include descriptive and pedagogic grammar, instructed and naturalistic SLA, cross-language influence in acquisition, and the relationship between applied linguistic theory and classroom language teaching practice.


The new fourth edition of Practical English Usage

Michael Swan will recapitulate the principles behind Practical English Usage and explain why a fourth edition was needed. He will describe the many updates and additions and show how the material has been restructured, so that the book now constitutes not only a usage guide, but also a complete learners’ grammar. Finally, he will introduce the online edition and the associated Diagnostic Tests.