Ksenija Smolina

Moscow State Pedagogical University


Professor Ksenija P. Smolina is a doctor of Philology and a professor of Moscow State Pedagogical University.


Russian-Polish Linguistic Ties: Historical Aspect (on the materials of the words “skarb” and “statki”in the Russian and Polish languages)

The report gives the history of the words “skarb” and “statki” in the Polish and Russian languages. On the large factual material, the semantic structure of the investigated in Polish and Russian words is analyzed, their stylistic stratification is shown. The study of the history of the words “skarb” and “statki” revealed the role of Western and South-Western Russia in the formation of Russian-Polish linguistic ties in the 14th-17th centuries. The report also shows the further dynamics of the semantic-stylistic development of these words in the Slavic languages of both the eastern and western ranges. All these issues are connected with intercultural and interlingual communication, which is especially important in the period of globalization processes.