dr Anna Parr-Modrzejewska

Macmillan Education


Anna Parr-Modrzejewska is a graduate of Łódź University where she completed her PhD on teaching English to early primary students. She is currently employed at the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics. She has been a dedicated teacher of all levels and age groups since 2001. Apart from young and very young learners, her favourite pupils are final-year secondary school students preparing for their final exam. Anna has been working as a Director of Studies at various language schools in Łódź since 2005.

At the academic level Anna specialises in introducing students to language teaching and helping them understand that teachers can change the world. Anna also holds two BA diplomas, in Polish and in Early Years’ Education, which helps her understand the learning process, especially in children. Her professional interests include teacher training, exam courses (she is a matura examiner), bilingual education and cognitive development.


Teaching English (and beyond) to younger learners

Teaching English to young learners in the 21st century can be much more than providing them with the essential linguistic tools. If English is to be a real gateway to their success in a globalised world, kids need to acquire a range of super useful extra-linguistic skills that they will be able to apply in real life situations outside the classroom. How can we do this on every day basis?

That’s what I want to demonstrate in this practical session. We are going to look at how to help our young learners develop critical and creative thinking. We will try out a number of activities that, beside teaching the language, improve their learning skills, language awareness and build up their
self-confidence. All this because through developing cognitive abilities we ensure that learning the language will be even more useful and meaningful for our students now and in the future. Some illustration for all this will come from Academy Stars, a major new course series for 6 – 10 year olds published by Macmillan.