Rachel Paling

Efficient Language Coaching®


Director of Efficient Language Coaching & Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching.

Author of Language Coaching Certification.

Public Speaker.

Communication & Language Specialist.

Rachel Marie Paling founded Efficient Language Coaching in 2008. Rachel started teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults over 20 years ago. After obtaining a BA Honours in Law and Spanish (with distinction in spoken Spanish) at the University of Sheffield (UK) she did a Masters in Human Rights and Democratization (EMA) at the University of Padua, Italy and Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany.

She continued with her studies and qualified as a solicitor (UK Lawyer) in 2003, but instead of pursuing a career as a lawyer, she combined her teaching experience, her specialisation in business English and her legal knowledge to create a new type of training and so Rachel decided to focus on specialised language coaching.


How To Enhance The Learning Process Through Neurolanguage Coaching®

Coaching has really entered all areas of our lives and has also been brought into the language arena. A few questions arise immediately – What is it that language coaches do differently than language teachers? What makes a language coach become a professional? How to prove your professionalism as a coach in times when self-appointed coaches are constantly appearing and when allegedly “anybody can call themselves a coach”?

During the session we will try to arrive at the definition of language coaching and the concept of Neurolanguage Coaching® – a new approach to language learning which incorporates the newest findings in neuroscience, coaching principles and models into the learning process to help maximize performance – will be presented.

We are definitely shifting into an era of neuroeducation when we realize how understanding our brains can help us optimize the learning process. For this reason our focus will be on the Neuroscience of learning – What does learning mean for the brain? What is the brain perspective on a language barrier? What does thinking in a foreign language mean for the brain? What is the optimal learning state?

Participants of the session will also learn about the development path of a professional neurolanguage coach® with a coaching qualification and accreditation of an independent institution.

Rachel Marie Paling – the creator of the Neurolanguage Coaching® – will be there to answer your questions and discuss the approach.

Neurolanguage Coaching is a registered US and European trademark; method and approach created by Rachel Marie Paling