Erika Osvath

Oxford University Press


Erika Osvath, MEd in Maths, DTEFLA, is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and co-author of the European Language Award-winning 6-week eLearning programme for language exam preparation. Before becoming a freelance trainer in 2009, she worked for International House schools for 16 years in Eastern and Central Europe, where she worked as a YL co-ordinator, trainer on CELTA, LCCI,1-1, Business English, YL and VYL courses, and Director of Studies. She has extensive experience in teaching very young learners, young learners and teenagers. Her main interests lie in these areas as well as making the best of technology in ELT. She regularly travels to different parts of Hungary and other parts of the world to teach demonstration lessons with local children, do workshops for teachers, and this is something she particularly enjoys doing as it gives her the opportunity to delve into the human aspects of these experiences. Erika is co–author with Edmund Dudley of Mixed-Ability Teaching (Into the Classroom series).


Creating an inclusive learning environment

In this session we will look at ways to recognise main types of Specail Educational Needs and we will adress some key areas that affect learning. We will then consider practical tips on how to understand and celebrate individual differences which benefit all learners, not only those with SEN, during their learning process.

Bring on the Creative Self in the mixed-ability classroom

One of the major challenges we face in mixed-ability classes is when we teach new language. Some students may be struggling to make sense of it, while others are already bored with it. In this workshop we will look at some practical examples of building on self-expression in creative ways in these teaching situations in order to engage students of different language levels in the learning process, while motivating them to use language conscientiously, resulting in better outcomes and higher self-esteem.