Małgorzata Mróz

Lang LTC


Currently working as an Academic Manager at Lang LTC, has been teaching English for nearly ten years now and she just can’t get enough! Since she loves challenging herself as a teacher, you will never see her giving the same lesson twice. She uses her experience of working with young learners to evoke the same energy and creativity in her adult students, currently at LANG LTC. As a teacher trainer for ODN Lang
(TKT CLIL course, TKT Young Learners course), Małgorzata is a constant source of lesson ideas for teachers of young learners, teens and adults alike. Travelling to remote areas of the world made her particularly interested in teaching students of various linguistic backgrounds (mostly in theory, so the best is yet to come!). She loves observing people who do not share any common language having long and joyful ‚conversations’ and she sees them as an inspiration for her lessons.


Lesson planning is no waste of time! Join us to see how 3 creative teachers start with the same (secret!) prompt to come up with 3 delightfully different lessons for students at 3 different levels. Explore how a single lesson ingredient in the hands of 3 lesson chefs takes on a variety of shapes. The presenters will keep their ideas secret from each other and we won’t tell you what the prompt is until the session kicks off. Come and see the mystery unveil…