Margrete Martos

Duński Instytut Kultury


Czesc/Hello/Hola a todos/Hej

My name is Margrete Consuelo Martos and I am a Spanish language teacher from Denmark. I am 49 years old and I practice innovation in my daily teaching. I have been involved in Innovation during the last 8years in Denmark. From being a good language teacher in Spanish, I really feel that using innovative methods have improved my teaching skills. Using innovation have increased the student’smotivation and thereby improved their results.

  • 1997: Master of Science from the Universityof Copenhagen.
  • 2000: High School/collegeteacher in Spanish and physicaleducation.
  • 2009-2012: Project “Innovationskraft and Entreprenørskab” in High School/college(Age: 16-19 years).
  • 2013: Trainer in a course for language teachers “Innovative education in language”.
  • 2015: Trainer in a course for language teachers: “Poetry Slam”.
  • 2016:Certified Innovationpilote/Pilotuddannelse/with IrmelinFunch.

I have facilitatedseveral Innovationscampswith extern partners


How innovation in practice motivates the students to keep improving their language skills in Spanish

The students have for the last 10 years had the possibility to choose Innovation as a separate subject, where they get introduced to different innovation models that consists of a number of methods/processes.The methods can be grouped into three categories:

  • CreativityMake sure that the participants feelsafe, that enables the creative mind sets.
  • InnovationInspire the participants to develop ideas
  • Priorities and productsPrioritize ideas, set the scope for the product and make a prototype.

As a language teacher in Spanish, I have noticed that it can be difficult for the students to maintain the motivation to learn a completely new language. My experiences showthat by giving the students ownership of the process,they improve their motivation and the result in the final exams are increased.One of the main drivers for the innovation models is to involve the participants (students) by giving them ownership and visibility for the end goal –the final product.By using the methods of the innovation models as a set of tools in the language teaching, for the last 5 years, the students’results have increased almost every year.My work hasidentified some dos, don’tsand recommendation (successes and pitfalls).