Monika Izbaner



Monika Izbaner has been a teacher of English and coach for more than fifteen years, now working at High school No. 6 in Bydgoszcz and her own language school. She has conducted workshops and talks for ODN Lang (TWIST) , IATEFL Poland, and for International Study Programmes in England. As a successful leader and coordinator, she carried out many international educational projects. Recently she launched a new scheme titled Musketeers of Words, aimed at teaching young people the art of debating in English. Despite her busy schedule, Monika defended her doctoral thesis at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń in 2014, having researched a wealth of Scottish literature. Her professional interests include technological innovation in teaching, public speaking and debating as well as British literature, culture, politics and the visual arts. She is passionate about designing her own ELT materials and … playing tennis. And she is never tired of searching for new challenges.


Lesson planning is no waste of time! Join us to see how 3 creative teachers start with the same (secret!) prompt to come up with 3 delightfully different lessons for students at 3 different levels. Explore how a single lesson ingredient in the hands of 3 lesson chefs takes on a variety of shapes. The presenters will keep their ideas secret from each other and we won’t tell you what the prompt is until the session kicks off. Come and see the mystery unveil…