Alex Herbert



Alex Herbert is a Sales and ELT project manager at BBC Worldwide Learning.  He has worked in education content for 4 years and worked in the past as an ELT teacher for the British Council and Wall Street Institute in France. He has advised and researched on BBC content for projects by many of the leading educational publishers in Europe and most recently sourced and project managed the archive video requirements for Wider World, the new Pearson BBC secondary ELT course.


Language from the real world: the new face of authentic video materials

What is authentic language?

Can graded language in coursebooks be authentic? Or is it inevitably artificial?

To answer these questions and to show teachers how language in the classroom can be both authentic and accessible, this practical talk brings into light the cooperation of Pearson and BBC and showcases its synergy effect focusing particularly on the new approach to video in Pearson’s new upper-primary course English Class and the blockbuster Speakout.