Kristof Hegedus

Euroexam International


Kristof Hegedus is responsible for academic development at Euroexam International, which includes both the development of Euroexam’s range of tests and training programmes for prospective candidates, such as e-learning exam preparation courses.

Besides having taught English to both children and adults for 25 years, he leads the team of exam developers for the Hungarian national matura in English language. He is the co-author of Longman Matura Activator (Pearson-Longman), a successful course book for secondary school-leavers. He is a member of the Euroexam teacher training department and is involved in training examiners as well as the delivery of face-to-face and web-based sessions for teachers.


Washback and think forward – how syllabus-friendly testing benefits students and school alike

While students often take a standardised assessment, i.e. a language exam, at the end of a course of study, it may sometimes be perceived as a follow-on stage that is no longer an integral part of the learning process.
Beyond the washback effect that assessment will inevitably have on teaching, the connection between the two can be further reinforced through a mix of on-site and online support services and curriculum integration. This provides valuable information and feedback to both students and teachers every step of the learning process, while the quality of the school’s achievements are also enhanced by an independent measurement.