Sue Hackett



Sue Hackett is a member of the Accreditation Panel Member for Eaquals, an Eaquals Senior Inspector and an Associate member representative. She currently works for the quality assurance (QA) body in Ireland, responsible for the Irish national QA scheme for Irish English language education providers, and for the validation of trans-national programmes. She is also part of a team working on the development of a new Irish International Education Mark to replace the current scheme in existence in Ireland. She is an experienced speaker at both national and international level.


The Multi-Cultural Staffroom: Challenges and Opportunities

In today’s language teaching and learning environments, multi-cultural staff are the reality with staff backgrounds and previous experience reflecting an internationally diverse mix of cultural understanding, international qualifications and educational experiences and expectations. What is the impact on quality of this type of professional community? What benefits and challenges does it bring and how can we address these to ensure an optimal effect on teaching and learning and on the organisational culture of the institution? 

In our global world with all the issues this raises, international language education has a significant role to play in fostering and enhancing professional dialogue, development and performance through partnerships, interactions, sharing of good practice and reflections. This talk will explore these questions, and ask the audience to consider how this environment can best be exploited to bring added value to the language education centre and the learning experience.