Tim Gifford



Tim Gifford is a director of ELTjam, bringing creativity and a passion for engagement to the product and the projects that we work on. Tim has worked in ELT publishing since 2008, as Senior Editor on Touchstone Blended Learning and as a Commissioning Editor at SELT, working on online learning products for Turkish university students. Prior to that, Tim taught English in China for five years.


The Importance of Learner Experience Design (LXD)

We believe a bad learner experience is when you fail to learn something and/or have a horrible time trying. Working in the EdTech industry, we see language learning products that deliver poor learner experiences all the time.

But, what makes a good learner experience, and how can we as educators design lessons, courses, products and services that deliver one? This talk will demonstrate how a deep understanding of our learners and a focus on pedagogy, content, user experience and interaction can combine to create experiences that are useful, usable and even delightful for our learners.