Agnieszka Gągała

Empik School


Agnieszka Gągała has been working in ELT since 1992. Sheis a teacher, a teacher trainer and a Director of Studies. Her teaching experience includes exam and general English courses with adults, teenagers, children in state as well as private schools in Poland and the UK. Now she prepares international students for general English exams at WarsawUniversity of Technology. Agnieszka holds a Master’s degree in English Philology from the University of Warsaw, CELTA and DELTA Diplomas. She is also a freelance author of supplementary materials for Pearson, Oxford University Press, Nowa Era and occasionally writes for The Teacher magazine.Agnieszka is a graduate of Teacher Trainer Academy organised by DOS-ELTea. She has been a speaker at PASE, IATEFL, THINK FRESH, Stare Jabłonki, WUT Conferences. She’s interested in applications of psychology to language teaching, brain-friendly pedagogy, creativity, critical thinking and new technologies in foreign language teaching.


Creative Thinking. The Why, the What, the How

Children are naturally flexible in their thinking. When we ask them about alternative uses of a brick they will come up with a mass of ideas. Adults only several. Sir Ken Robinson says it is because school ruthlessly squanders this beautiful ability of our brains – CREATIVE THINKING. In my talk I will discuss WHY creativity should be considered an absolute must in education. I will ponder upon its very nature: WHAT is it? WHAT are its myths? WHAT conditions must be met for an idea to be original and valuable? First and foremost, however, I will concentrate on HOW we can promote it in a language classroom. I will introduce six competences of creativity and show HOW to use them to design language activities fostering creativity. The aim of my talk is to present some universal knowledge on creative thinking and provide teachers with tools and ideas to design creative language lessons. Let’s feel the power of creativity!